Small Changes you can Implement Now to Supercharge your Tourism or Hospitality Business!

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

At Travenue, we use the words Local, Authentic & Iconic often. Now more than ever customers are looking for Local, Authentic and Iconic Experiences. In a Post COVID economy, customers will be looking at spending their dollars with businesses that can provide an experience that delivers on those three things. Customers dining in crowded cafes or waiting in line of hostile hotel lobbies will be a thing of the past. A lot of people have had time to do allot of thinking during the last few months and most agree that their future experiences, however small or large will need to be more meaningful, more personalised and more authentic than ever before.

Subtle changes can be made to the way products or experiences are delivered that not only present superior service for your customers, but also gives the operator or business owner the opportunity to charge more. Have you ever wondered why you see 2 cafes metres apart in the same street, and one always has lines of customers out the door and the other one is void of clientele? It is an interesting phenomenon that I look at all the time. And I always walk into the café that is not busy first and usually the coffee tastes the same in both cafes. Like I said it is the subtle things that make a difference.

1. Customer engagement (and retention techniques)

2. Simple and unobtrusive up selling

3. Product availability.

These all sound like technical issues but when you break them down, they are very simple ways to retain your customers, increase revenue streams and most importantly, provide an authentic experience. These techniques can easily be applied to every tourism and hospitality businesses quickly and efficiently and when you do, you will start to see your profits soar.

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