About Travenue

Travenue is a Tourism and Hospitality Advisory that has been established specifically to assist businesses within this sector. Our company offers practical advice on how you can quickly and efficiently transition your tourism or hospitality business into a rewarding and profitable company as well as long term growth strategies. Whether you are looking to supercharge your business, transition into the luxury sector or scale, Travenue can assist you.  

Business Coaching is available on a one on one basis. After an initial consultation, we can establish what direction you would like to head in and tailor a solution that suits you and your budget. 

We also work with regional tourism organisations, hospitality groups, hotel chains and destination marketing organisations in assisting them with developing and then implementing their strategic vision.

Transform your tourism or hospitality business with practical advice on:

  • Customer Service

  • Product Development

  • Distribution

  • Enhanced Operating Systems

  • Multiple Revenue Streams